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Contact Lens Exams

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, you likely have some concerns about the process of obtaining them and caring for them. The first step is to contact Yardley Vision Care in Yardley, PA, to schedule an appointment with our optometrist for a contact lens exam. We have put together some information about contact lenses, the difference between a routine eye exam and one to obtain contact lenses, and how to care for your new lenses properly.

Using Contact Lenses

When you wear contact lenses, you can enjoy crisp and clear vision. The colored portion of your eye is covered with a contact lens. This ensures complete vision correction, from every angle. With glasses, when you look to the side, you will still experience blurry vision as the glass panes do not cover your eyes completely. Contacts allow you to be engaged in sports without any apparatus obscuring your vision. Many wear contact lenses because they allow for an unaltered appearance.

Obtaining Contact Lenses

A contact lens exam is required if you would like to wear contact lenses. This is much like a routine examination for glasses in that your eyes are still checked for medical problems. However, you still need to take a vision exam to obtain a prescription for contact lenses. In addition, when you want to wear contact lenses, you need to have them fitted to your eye size. This is a simple test where you look into a device while our optometrist uses gauging equipment to determine the size of your irises.

Caring For Contact Lenses

Your contact lenses need special care so that you do not harm your eyes while you wear them. They need to be cleaned daily with a saline solution or a multi-purpose contact lens cleaning agent. When you intend on handling your lenses, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly. Avoid areas where there is excessive dust or debris. Small particles may make their way into your eyes. Wear goggles to help protect your eyes and contact lenses if you know debris will be present in your area. Use rewetting drops if your contact lenses cause your eyes to feel dry.

Get Your Contact Lenses in Yardley, PA

If you are ready to try contact lenses for yourself, contact Yardley Vision Care to make an appointment with Dr. Maisel for a contact lens exam. Call our office today at (215) 550-6273.

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